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       Having been in the business of trading and import of Medical & Hospital supplies for a long time, we started our own manufacturing of  Sara Med Laboratory Disposables with our vast experience  in 1997. we have also establish two more line in medical detergent , and in Antiseptic disinfectant field.

Saramed is the pioneers of quality medical and chemical products in Middle East . We manufacture top quality products sterile and non sterile. We provide the customers a wide range of products complying FDA regulations. We can manufacture any plastic products according to specs and requirements on O. E. M basis.We also can formulate and manufacture hospital and household detergents on O.E.M basis.    

 Our state-of-art manufacturing facility in Riyadh is one of the best & biggest factories in the Kingdom. Our Robot controlled injection & blow mould machinery are imported from Japan & Germany ensuring you supreme quality products in plastic disposables.

     Headquartered in Riyadh with branch offices in Jeddah & Dammam along with warehouse facility and having an overseas branch in Dubai too. Other than our dedicated sales team, we have a network of dealers in almost every city of Saudi Arabia. Our latest achievement is dedicated online services through our Web sites to meet every customer need .

   . All our raw materials are having FDA certificates from their high repute suppliers like GE, Bayer, SABIC, etc. Our quality standards are conforming to European & US standards. We have exported to more than 22 countries as well as supplieng to the reputed hospital and institutions. We used top quality european and american chemicals and raw material to obtain the best products complying with EU and FDA standards.


Saramedical  products:

Raw Materials & Formula:

  1. All materials applied are of safety food grade meeting with FDA standards.

  2. Environment protection and safety procedures applied during manufacuring process .

  3. All Products comply with SASO standards and under good manufacturing process.

  4. All raw materials are of reputed suppliers like SABIC, GE, Bayer, etc. with their FDA certificates

Quality Control in Production:

  1. Production procedures are meeting with the ECC restrictions for L.I.M. production

  2. All plastic products are food grade and Nitrosamine free

The Concepts of for Products Design:

  1. Products are designed according to GMP standards the characteristics of industry standards.

  2. Pay the utmost attention to the safe, sanitary & comfortable usage is our prime goal in designing our products.

  3. Simple cleaning to give complete sterilization and free of residue.

  4. Avoid to using metal-free products with the concerns of safety.

  5. Products designing and formulation follows top engineering standards to ensure proper products for consumers.



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TEL# 966 1 2651112/0086/0067/0048

FAX# 966 1 2650124